Banking and Money 2

Complete the following sentences with verbs formed from the words in capitals. ANSWERS
1) Being the boss of a business involves focus and careful decision-making. PROSPER
2) Exchange rates and can have a big impact on the profitability of foreign investments. CURRENT
3) Each month, John receives a base salary plus a 10 percent on the price of each bike. COMMIT
4) A spokesman denied the bank was , but depositors are rushing to withdraw their money. SOLVENT
5) Keeping track of your is important, especially for small business owners. RECEIVE
6) Health in Germany amounted to 390.6 billion, or 4,712 euros per inhabitant, in 2018. EXPEND
7) payments can be made from either leftover income or as a percentage of firm earnings. DIVIDE
8) A personal could be a simple way to borrow, with a fixed interest rate. LEND
9) The of the pound will make British goods more competitive abroad. VALUE
10) The most common card problems are theft of a card or PIN and fraudulent charges. DEBT