Future Simple vs Going to 2

Complete the following sentences with the future simple or going to forms of the verbs in bold. ANSWERS
1) We've already decided on our next summer holiday. We (do) a tour of Italy.
2) The traffic is horrible. We (not/arrive) at the airport in time for our flight.
3) I can't decide what to wear this Valentine's Day. I know! I (wear) my red dress.
4) The students are very bored. (we/take) a 20 minute break?
5) Are you busy this evening? Yes, I (repair) the washing machine.
6) The organisers have promised that this month’s event (take) place.
7) I've told him hundreds of times but he (not/help) with the housework.
8) Bob (tell) you all about his life even if you're not interested.
9) In the future, more people (choose) to go on holiday in their own country.
10) You'd better take your umbrella. It (rain) later - they said it on the TV.