Gerund or infinitive 7

Click the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence. ANSWERS
1) I am not used to being | be told what to do.
2) I am sure aunt Grace won't mind to look | looking after the children.
3) Have you arranged meeting | to meet Beth next week?
4) My van skidded off the road and barely missed hitting | to hit a gate.
5) It was very clever of my little daughter to answer | answering the question so well.
6) Dave went to the library in order to borrow | borrowing some books.
7) Pamela objected being | to be called by her surname.
8) My brother offers to lend | lending me some money in cash.
9) It is selfish of Tom buying | to buy sweets for himself only.
10) I look forward to meet | meeting my boyfriend again.
11) John went out to buy | buying a bottle of beer.
12) She detests to spend | spending 45 minutes every day travelling to work and back.