Much, Many, A lot (of)

Click the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence. ANSWERS
1) How many | much sisters does he have? RULE#2
2) He's written a lot of | much staff down on paper. RULE#3
3) Although the children are grown up, we still see them many | a lot. RULE#5
4) Andrew didn't say much | a lot of about it. RULE#1
5) Her condition is much | many the same as it was yesterday. RULE#4
6) Did you know a lot of | much people at the party? RULE#3
7) I've told him many | much a time to be more polite. RULE#4
8) Was there many | much food at the party? RULE#1
9) He must have paid a lot | a lot of for that bike. RULE#5
10) There aren't many | much people in the restaurant. RULE#2
11) The library is used by a great much | many people. RULE#4
12) She put too much | many salt into the soup. RULE#4