Grammar - Passive Voice 5

Rewrite the sentences into the passive. ANSWERS + EXPLANATION
1) It's expected that Susan will marry Steve next month.
Susan Steve next month.
2) People think that the white settlers arrived here 400 years ago.
The white settlers here 400 years ago.
3) Everybody knows that the new government is working on a new environmental policy.
The new government on a new environmental policy.
4) They say that our former president was very intelligent.
Our former president very intelligent.
5) We believe that the plane has crashed into the Red Sea.
It into the Red Sea.
6) It's thought that Dave is living in Australia.
Dave in Australia.
7) People say that Mr Jones is difficult to work with.
Mr Jones difficult to work with.
8) Everybody knows that the brothers set up the business.
The brothers the business.
9) People expect that he will join the first team soon.
He the first team soon.
10) Everybody thinks that he plays beautifully.
He beautifully.