Reported Speech 2

Turn the following sentences into reported speech. ANSWERS + EXPLANATION
1) "I didn't eat the ice-cream", said Mary.
Mary claimed that the ice-cream.
2) "John and I will never be friends."
Peter said that John be friends.
3) "We have already finished our job."
They told me job.
4) "I cannot meet you because I'm very busy."
She said to me that very busy.
5) "There is going to be a snowstorm."
Paul said that a snowstorm.
6) "He's living in Manchester for a few months."
She says that in Manchester for a few months.
7) "I've been in Dublin for a year but I haven't had time to visit Phoenix Park", said Jimmy.
Jimmy explained that time to visit Phoenix Park.
8) "Tomorrow at three o'clock I will be sitting on a plane to New York."
He said that the next day at three o'clock on a plane to New York.
9) "I met Sarah while I was working in Madrid", he said.
He told me that in Madrid.
10) "The earth revolves round the sun", the teacher said.
The teacher said that round the sun.