Expressions with There and It

Fill in the blanks with "There" or "It". ANSWERS
It's no longer necessary to + infinitive There's no doubt about
's (not) worth + gerund 's no need to + infinitive
's no point in + gerund 's no use + gerund or infinitive
's no wonder (that) 's no denying (that)
's no reason to + infinitive 's waste of time + gerund
's (no) fun + gerund or infinitive 's no place like
's no good + gerund 's no big deal to + infinitive
's no chance of + gerund 's no knowing (what, how)
's no question of + gerund 's no laughing matter + gerund
's no joke + gerund 's no hope of + gerund
's no way of + gerund 's no surprise (that)