Phrasal Verbs with Break/Give

Match the phrasal verbs on the left with its meaning on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • give back
  • break into
  • break down
  • give up
  • break up
  • give off
  • give away
  • break out
  • give in
  • break off
  • to end a relationship, to finish or end
  • to give something to someone because you do not want or need it
  • to escape from a prison, jail, etc.
  • to force a way into a house
  • to hand something to a person in charge
  • to stop an activity or effort, to quit
  • to stop speaking suddenly
  • to return something to its owner
  • to send (light, energy, etc.) out from a source
  • to stop working properly