FCE Vocabulary (Clothes) 1

Match the words with its definitions. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • fashionable (adj)
  • match (v)
  • worn out (adj)
  • alter (v)
  • baggy (adj)
  • fit (v)
  • plain (adj)
  • suit (v)
  • undo (v)
  • unfashionable (adj)
  • (of clothes, shoes) be the correct size and shape
  • (of clothes) look good when seen together
  • (of style, colour) look good on someone
  • to make a piece of clothing longer, wider etc so that it fits
  • to open something that is fastened, tied or wrapped
  • following the newest style of dress
  • not popular or fashionable at a particular time
  • large and loose
  • too old or damaged to be used
  • having no pattern or decoration