FCE Vocabulary (Clothes) 2

Match the nouns with its definitions. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • scarf
  • dressing gown
  • slippers
  • collar
  • sleeve
  • shoelace
  • trainers
  • buckle
  • glove
  • bracelet
  • the part of a shirt, jacket etc. which goes round your neck
  • a loose piece of clothing that is worn over pyjamas
  • shoes that you wear for sports or as informal clothing
  • a covering for the hand, made of wool, leather, etc.
  • a part of a piece of clothing that covers all or part of your arm
  • long strip of material to wear round your neck
  • a piece of jewellery worn around the wrist or arm
  • a long, thin material like a string that is used for fastening a shoe
  • a piece of metal or plastic used for joining the ends of a belt
  • loose soft shoes that you wear in the house