Vocabulary - Environment 4

Fill the gaps using the words given. Use each word only once. ANSWERS
survivors | injuring | cracks | struck | landslides | victims | slopes | heavy | nature | disasters

Fatal Collapse

Catastrophe isn't supposed to strike twice in the same place. But after months of (1) ... rains two (2) ... came down a mountain in Eastern Venezuela on Saturday within hours of each other, killing at least twenty five helpless people and (3) ... many more in the town of Santa Cruz. Many of the (4) ... were rescue workers looking for some (5) ... of the first landslide, which (6) ... earlier that day. Local people say that they saw (7) ... in the (8) ... before the second slide. Now they doubt if the will ever live peacefully in the shadow of that cruel mountain. Some feel that (9) ... is angry at them and the sequence of (10) ... is its clear sign.