Vocabulary - Expressions with 'ONE'

Complete the following sentences with the verbs from the box. ANSWERS
all-in-ones | one moment | one-off | one or two | one-time | one in a million | one another | for one thing | one by one | one-way
1) I don't want a lot of nuts - I'll just take .
2) She examined the documents .
3) " please, while I check the bookings" - the man said.
4) I want them to treat with courtesy and respect.
5) Bernadette drove the wrong way down a street.
6) It's yours for a payment of only £50.
7) Thanks for all the help you've given me. You're .
8) No, of course he can't go. , he has too much homework to do.
9) McCarthy, a TV celebrity and musician, made the announcement yesterday.
10) They sell scanners and printers, and that combine the two.