Vocabulary - Types of Housing

Fill the gaps using the words given. Use each word only once. ANSWERS
cottage | stores | terraced house | communities | row | apartments | land | detached house | suburban | move out | skyscrapers | floors | estate agent | semi-detached house | duplex | blocks of flats

Types of Housing

Martin and Sheila's first home was a (1) ... , one of a row of houses joined to each other by their side walls. But a few years later they got married and decided to (2) ... . They went to a local (3) ... to check what houses he could offer. They really liked a (4) ... (one joined to another house by one wall that they share) which was set in beautiful surroundings and wasn't very expensive. Martin is an architect by profession and now he wants to design a modern (5) ... for his family but Sheila is still thinking of moving to a smaller town or village and building a (6) ... . Sheila doesn't really like the city, for her the city is nothing but huge (7) ... and hundreds of similar, ugly (8) ... with no identity.

Around two-thirds of the families in America live in single family homes. Around a quarter of the families live in buildings that have one to three (9) ... , or in (10) ... or other commercial buildings that contain apartments. Big cities have more apartment housing than small (11) ... because (12) ... is scarce and very expensive. Small towns and (13) ... areas, where land is less expensive than in city centres, have usually single-family homes. Baltimore and other cities have many (14) ... houses. These are mostly single-family houses, one, two or three (15) ... high, standing wall to wall. A (16) ... is a building divided into two separate homes, either side by side with a single wall between them, or one above the other.