Vocabulary - Jobs and Professions 6

Complete each sentence with a word made from the words in capitals. ANSWERS
1) In Ireland the usual practice is to a CV with your job application. CLOSE
2) Most blue-collar workers will not easily ragain jobs on the line. ASSEMBLE
3) Arthur felt he had little chance of in his job. PROMOTE
4) My job is , but at least I'm working. MONOTONY
5) She promised to carry out her duties to the best of her . ABLE
6) Many employees work countless hours of overtime. PAY
7) qualified staff will give you the advice you need. PROFESSION
8) A can be anyone who does hairdressing, manicures or cosmetics. BEAUTY
9) The crew were extremely to the passengers' safety. ATTEND
10) The rise in is seen as indicative of a new economic recession. EMPLOY