Vocabulary - Media 5

Fill the gaps using the words given. Use each word only once. ANSWERS
journalist | turn | readers | go | control | proprietor | published | editor | circulation | household

The Daily Journal

How does a journalist feel when he is asked to take (1) ... of a famous newspaper that is making a loss because its (2) ... has dropped sharply? That was the situation in which my friend, Henry Blackburn, found himself last week. His first reaction was to (3) ... down the offer but the more he thought about it, the more interesting the challenge seemed. Why? Most importantly, Henry says, because The Daily Journal has been a (4) ... word since 1878, although that is no guarantee that it will (5) ... on being (6) ... for ever apart from that, this is the kind of opportunity every (7) ... dreams of, to see whether one can regain the circulation figures without sacrificing the principles on which the newspaper was founded, in other words to attract new (8) ... while keeping faith with the old ones. The (9) ... of The Daily Journal, Lord Byron, is known to have interfered with the work of the previous (10) ... but Henry assured me that he has been promised a completely free hand. Let us hope that Lord Byron keeps his promise.