Vocabulary - Moods and Feelings 2

Match the adjectives on the left with their definitions on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • passionate
  • miserable
  • thrilled
  • disillusioned
  • apprehensive
  • homesick
  • speechless
  • resentful
  • furious
  • hesitant
  • unable to speak, because you are angry or surprised
  • very pleased and excited
  • worried or nervous about something that you are going to do
  • feeling bitter or angry about something that you think is unfair
  • showing or expressing strong beliefs, interest, or enthusiasm
  • very angry
  • very unhappy or uncomfortable
  • slow to speak or act because you feel uncertain
  • having lost one's ideals, illusions, or false ideas about sth
  • feeling sad and alone because you are far from home