Vocabulary (Describing Personality) 3

Complete the following sentences with the compound adjectives from the box. ANSWERS
bad-tempered | big-headed | strong-willed | hard-working | easy-going | thick-skinned | narrow-minded | absent-minded | self-conscious | warm-hearted
1) Jack was too and prejudiced - and bigoted.
2) She liked the attention but was not or pretentious and always looked out for her younger brother.
3) Mrs Stevens was a , generous old lady.
4) There were some comments about her approach to work.
5) My uncle, who had always been very self-controlled, became .
6) A man is more powerful than ten lazy men.
7) You really have to be to survive as a politician here.
8) Tina will never be a good teacher - she's too .
9) My grandfather is getting more as he gets older.
10) He's very and if he's decided to leave the job, nothing will stop him.