Vocabulary - Remains and Waste

Match the definitions on the left with the nouns on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • food that has not been eaten at a meal
  • smoke or gas that has an unpleasant smell, especially harmful smoke or gas
  • dirt, dust etc. that is left to be swept up
  • small pieces of rubbish/garbage such as paper, cans and bottles
  • destroyed and decayed buildings
  • the grey powder that remains after something has burned
  • things that are thrown away, especially from a ship at sea
  • dirty foam on the surface of a liquid
  • the part of a cigarette that is left when someone has finished smoking it
  • the decaying flesh of dead animals
  • ruins
  • jetsam
  • fag end
  • sweepings
  • ashes
  • leftovers
  • scum
  • fumes
  • carrion
  • litter