Vocabulary - Similar Meanings (Nouns)

These sentences can either be completed with a word from box on the left or a word with a similar meaning from box on the right. Identify both the words that could be used. ANSWERS
expert | consequences | facilities | proof | liability | drop | questions | marriage | agenda | dispute
queries | decline | argument | specialist | schedule | results | responsibility | evidence | wedding | amenities
1) The office is in the city centre, close to shops and local .
2) A busy is often an excuse for a lot of things.
3) If you have any regarding this offer, simply call our helpline.
4) Nolan's behaviour eventually led to a(n) with the referee.
5) The judge cleared me of any for the accident.
6) Climate change could have disastrous for farmers.
7) We still have no that she is innocent.
8) He consulted a marketing when he decided to go into business.
9) There has been a in the number of children.
10) Mandy and Jim kept their secret for three months. Imagine that!