Vocabulary - Similar Meanings (Verbs)

These sentences can either be completed with a word from box on the left or a word with a similar meaning from box on the right. Identify both the words that could be used. ANSWERS
gathered | achieved | launch | comes | allow | confirmed | ban | disclosing | handle | gained
permit | deal with | introduce | verified | acquired | accomplished | revealing | collected | derives | forbid
1) She may be prosecuted for secrets about new fighter jets.
2) Much of the book's appeal from the personality of its main character.
3) He'll never make a good teacher - he doesn't know to children.
4) They don't people to take photographs in this gallery.
5) She hasn't much this year.
6) The researchers have information from a random sample of 43 households.
7) Paul quickly fluency in Spanish.
8) His version of events was by neighbours.
9) The company hopes to a new product by next June.
10) There are plans to smoking in public places.