Vocabulary - The Arts 3

Complete the following sentences with the words from the box. ANSWERS
put | rehearsal | aisle | burst | interval | lines | prompter | applause | attributed | baton
1) The audience out laughing when the actress fell over.
2) The singer received great .
3) The symphony orchestra made the recording under the of a talented Italian conductor.
4) The local drama society on a Shakespeare play in an unconventional setting.
5) This beautiful portrait is to Vincent van Gogh.
6) Halfway through the first act, the leading lady forgot her .
7) They walked down the behind an usher as he showed them to their seats.
8) I want the whole cast of the play at tonight's .
9) There will be an of 15 minutes after the first act.
10) A is a person who reminds the actors of their next line in a speech.