Vocabulary - The Arts 5

Complete each sentence with a word made from the words in capitals. ANSWERS
1) colours are the basis for expressing the colour of an object. PRIME
2) The company is putting on a of the popular musical 'Camelot'. PERFORM
3) The district is one of the most highly educated and sophisticated. CULTURE
4) She was one of the first to animals from the New World. PORTRAIT
5) The school encourages free expression in art, drama and writing. CREATE
6) Greg is a talented who works mainly in stone. SCULPTURE
7) In both plays the actors are fine and . RESOURCE
8) The museum is staging an of Rembrandt's paintings. EXHIBIT
9) In drawing, points are the points at which lines appear to converge. VANISH
10) The was dismissed, but the four actors began to complain. PROMPT