FCE Vocabulary (Types of Books)

Match the words with its definitions. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • a manual
  • a reference book
  • a cookery book
  • a directory
  • a diary
  • a brochure
  • a novel
  • a periodical
  • a catalogue
  • a textbook
  • a book that tells you how to prepare and cook food
  • a book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day
  • a booklet giving information about something, for example, holidays
  • a magazine that is issued every week, month etc.
  • a book containing information on a particular subject, used at school
  • a handbook, especially of information about a machine etc.
  • a complete list of items, for example of things that people can buy
  • a long written story in which the characters and events are imaginary
  • a book that you look at occasionally for information, for example a dictionary
  • a book giving addresses, names, telephone numbers etc.