Vocabulary - Ways of Speaking

Match the definitions on the left with the verbs on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • to say something very quietly so that other people cannot hear you
  • to speak with difficulty, repeating sounds or words and often stopping
  • to talk in a friendly and easy way
  • to pause before saying something because you are nervous or not sure
  • to pronounce s and z as th
  • to talk about the personal lives of other people
  • to shout loudly, for example because you are angry, excited, frightened
  • to complain in a sad, annoying voice about something
  • to make a musical sound with closed lips
  • to give a loud shout of happiness or approval
  • chat
  • lisp
  • whine
  • cheer
  • gossip
  • whisper
  • hum
  • yell
  • stammer
  • hesitate