Vocabulary - The Weather 3

Complete the following sentences with the words from the box. ANSWERS
settle | thaw | precipitation | breeze | showers | drizzle | thunder | boiling | humid | blustery
1) More heavy are forecast for tomorrow.
2) In spite of a in the weather, the road remained closed.
3) Sarah fainted because it was hot yesterday.
4) It snowed in the morning but it didn't , so the roads are clear.
5) Mumbai is very hot and in the summer.
6) Annual ranges from 300 to 900 mm.
7) Cardiff is set for torrential rain and winds as Storm Barbara hits the UK.
8) It was a beautiful day with a blue sky and a gentle .
9) Rain fell steadily for a few hours, accompanied by and lightning.
10) It was beginning to , so Jack pulled on his hood.