Vocabulary - The Weather 5

Complete each sentence with a word made from the words in capitals. ANSWERS
1) The weather in Scotland is very and depending on the season. CHANGE
2) There was a terrible storm, with thunder and and heavy rain. LIGHTEN
3) I hate August in Italy, it's hot down here. BOIL
4) It's not the heat, it's the that tires me out. HUMID
5) In the afternoon it became but it didn't rain. CAST
6) The reservoir dried up completely during the . DRY
7) He got frostbite in his left foot while fixing a car on a cold day in February. BITTER
8) Between June and September there is little rain, day after day bringing a bright and sky. CLOUD
9) The weather has been very lately. SNOW
10) There is heavy in some parts o the country. PRECIPITATE