KET Reading and Writing Part 2

Read the sentences about going to a department store.
Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space.
1) Isabella usually ........... elegant jackets and very expensive shoes.

2) She .......... her shopping at Harrods every Friday.

3) Isabella said she would pay for the clothes by credit .......... .

4) Isabella asked the shop assistant to put the fruit in a .......... .

5) You can get almost anything you want in one of those big shopping .......... .



WEAR (verb) => to be dressed in, have on the body.


DO THE SHOPPING (collocation) => to go shopping to buy food and other things.


CREDIT CARD (noun) => a small plastic card that you use to buy goods.


BAG (noun) => a container made of paper or plastic used for carrying or storing things.


SHOPPING CENTRE (noun) => a group of shops or stores in one area.