Collocations - Make vs Do 1

Click the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence. ANSWERS
1) Carol made | did sure they were all listening before starting to speak.
2) After he got home from work, he was too tired to make | do the housework.
3) Our representatives do | make business with clients in more than twenty countries.
4) A lot of people did | made fun of Helen because she had a strange accent.
5) Japanese researchers have done | made an important discovery in the area of genetics.
6) I never do | make my shopping on Sundays.
7) May I do | make a suggestion? I think you should have your car serviced.
8) It won't do | make any harm to ask Mrs. Smith for advice.
9) She made | did a course in computer skills last year.
10) The boss made | did a few remarks, then introduced a new workman.